The Reason Why I Love Being Impulsive



Baru Sadar

Wah gila sih

Gara-gara abis posting yang barusan jadi sadar kalau ternyata tahun 2016 sudah memasuki bulan Juni…..

Which means…. 2016 tinggal setengahnya lagi….

Gw yang terlalu naif atau emang waktu jalannya cepet banget sih?

Duh, udah ngapain aja selama ini?

That 10PM Visit


Well I think this black polka dot patterned paper bag deserves a post. I got this from my close friend (literally a friend. I have to emphasize this part before everyone misinterprets it. Lol).

I’ve said that (to be honest) birthday for me is not an extraordinary thing. But I have to admit that this present leaves me an exquisite feeling, like I’m being loved and cared by someone. I rarely get present, so when I got, I would appreciate that so fricking much.

And hey, thank you for dropped by my house at 10pm on my day just to gimme this!